Jim Hobbs

New exhibition at Project 78 Gallery has now been confirmed to open on 1 August! More information available here

Limited Edition Artist Book available here

Limited Edition Prints available here

Interview with Patrick Jones, Director and Curator for Project 78 here

left: Rex's Erection, 16mm anamorphic film with digital projection overlay, new work being prepared for Moribund State(s) exhibition

Past News:

(I)MAGESOUND(S) has four tour dates in the UK/Europe during the month of May:

May 1: Clothworkers Centenary Music Hall
Leeds, UK
May 2: Star and Shadow Cinema
Newcastle, UK
May 17: Athens School of Fine Art
Athens, GR
May 24: Danish Film Institute - SixtyEight Art Institute
Copenhagen, DK

More info about the project and programme here

left: Vientos Fuertes (Strong Winds), expanded cinema performance, part of (I)MAGESOUND(S)