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From Slapstick To Horror
From Slapstick To Horror

From Slapstick to Horror
Call for artist’s film and video

From Slapstick to Horror, will be a screening program created specifically for The Big Screen at Latitude Contemporary Art as part of this year's Latitude Festival in Suffolk. Co-Curated by Louise Colbourne and Jim Hobbs, we are currently looking for a wide selection of short films and videos that portray, or investigate, the use of physicality in moving image works. All selected works will be screened on the evening of July 16th during the festival.
We request that you submit only ONE film or video work that pertains to the program's title. Each work should be no longer than 5 minutes, or edited down with this time limit in mind.
The works can range from an association with the comedy of slap-stick through to more demanding performances
and scenarios that are more closely aligned with horror and torture. This screening will also include vintage cinematic footage,
which spans the decades from the 1930’s to the present.
Artists selected for the screening will be given free weekend passes to the entire Latitude Festival.
Additionally, we are hoping to include a 16mm show-reel situated in a more "intimate" setting - so if you are an artist who works with film, and would like to have your work shown in this format, please apply.
For queries and submissions please send a vimeo/youtube link or similar to:

If you would like to submit a DVD, or other format, please contact us for mailing instructions.

Deadline for all entries is 1/5/2011

For more information about the festival and the location, please click here:
Latitude Festival 2011