Jim Hobbs

Nick Collins (Collaboration with Processes and Mediums), 1985
16mm colour, silent
‘Valletta’ was made in 1985, from Super-8 footage shot in the courtyard gardens of the palace of the Grand Masters of the Order of St John in the city of that name. It is one of the first films I made on the JK optical printer at the LFMC, in the facilitating environment of the Co-op’s workshop. The making of the film drew together the two media of Super-8 and 16mm, through a process involving refilming the original Super-8 onto another layer of 8mm via a back-projection surface of kitchen greaseproof paper. This second generation of footage was then optically printed onto a single 100’ of Kodachrome 40, with no further editing. In the process, the original record of the garden is transformed and I hope intensified.
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