Jim Hobbs

Juliana Cerqueira Leite
16mm B & W, sound
Eight is a sketch. The film was shot in its entirety four times, being rewound back to its start between each take. During shots, movements were carried out along four directional planes over a chair and then reversed: north/south, east/west, northeast/southwest, northwest/southeast. These motions were done to time kept by the artists' voice counting to eight repeatedly.
The work, by overlaying the four exposures of the film, reveals not only the slight discrepancies between each repetition, how the motions fall in and out of timing with each other but also how they combine to form new shapes uniting and then fragmenting visually. The film is a look at time, space and how movement is key in determining the interactions between these elements. The work's aesthetic suggests elements of dance film, touching upon the question of what is so fascinating about movement self-consciously carried out in time.
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