Jim Hobbs
Everything which we call nature . . .

Vicki Thornton
16mm colour film, silent
This film takes its title from a paragraph in Kasimir Malevich’s 'The Non-Objective World', and attempts to reveal links between imaged and imagined space, abstraction and reality. It continues a series of works that explore rhythms within the everyday through the psychological and sculptural investigation of the lived environment. Each work in this series concentrates on a particular location and attempts to decipher something of its subconscious. This becomes apparent when the image and its associated ‘stillness’ are deconstructed through the process of applying analogue animation to them. 'Everything which we call nature…' is created using a combination of travelling mattes, filters and optical printing techniques. The result is a cacophony of primary coloured shapes that frenetically interrupt a inert monochrome forest scene, visually resembling experimental sound notations or an abstractionist composition.
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