Jim Hobbs
A Far Cry From Eden

Irena Kalodera
16mm colour Film, silent
The film's title 'A Far Cry From Eden' makes reference to the 70's block of flats 'Eden House' where the film was made, and which was built on the site of Church Street’s West London Theatre where Charlie Chaplin performed as a young man.
The stage, in this case, is that of a fixed domestic setting shot on a single 100ft roll of 16mm film. The improvised players on display - a geranium plant and a ficus benjamina, two pears and a stone, a small eerie basket containing a curled up cat made of rabbit fur and a money plant – are all placed in a chain of carefully chosen and timed consecutive images. The scenario – objects bathed in sunlight beamed in from the window positioned out of frame, with the sequence continually punctuated and interrupted by the violent red and bright flares of light generated within the camera. Calm and stillness become disrupted, while portraiture and family groupings are recalled and set the mood to the piece.
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